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What Students Say...

Sony Liji 05/13/2020

I enrolled into Avenir Solution to prepare for my RN exam. Mr.Johncy provided me with an amazing schedule which I was required to take system wise exam as well as several comprehensive exams. He further prepared me through conducting one on one tutoring sessions and advising me to focus on my weak portions. Mr. Johncy is one of the most amazing teacher I have ever came across in my nursing education. He explains everything thoroughly and encourage students to use critical thinking. Also, the accommodation service provided by Johncy, helped me to study for exam without any disturbance. Mr. Johncy's helped me greatly during my exam preparation. I strongly recommend Avenir Solution to anyone who preparing for NCLEX RN exam. With the god's grace and Johncy's guidance I passed my exam.

Linto Thomas : 04/08/2020

“Avenir Solution is the best place to be to pass NCLEX”

Sumara David: 03/19/2020

“I love the way instructor explains every concept in the nursing curriculum, I fell in love with nursing again.”

Liji Mathew: 02/27/20

“I was always eager to sit through this class every day I would learn something new and exciting. Johncy is the best teacher ever.”

Susan Thomas – 02/25/20

“I will recommend Avenir Solutions for anyone who wants to learn nursing all over again. The three month course was very insightful and refreshed all the content I need to know before NCLEX. Thank you Johncy for helping me with this venture.”

Raji Joseph: 03/15/20

“After years of prep and countless failed attempts. I gave up on NCLEX but I decided to give Avenir Solutions a try. It all started with a 2-week trial class. I never looked back. Avenir solutions team was with me until the day I passed. They truly stand behind their students to Pass NCLEX.”

Rency Mathew : 03/10/11

“Johncy is not only a tremendous instructor but he also helped with the license endorsement and job placement. He truly goes above and beyond for his students. Thank you sir.”

Deval Patel : 01/26/20

“Me passing NCLEX was 8 years in making. I wish I had gone to Avenir Solutions way before then I didn’t have to wait all these years to work as a nurse. God Bless Johncy and Avenir Solutions. I will recommend Avenir Solutions to all my friends who are taking the NCLEX.”

Princy Mundadan: 03/20/20

“Avenir Solutions is a God send. My stay at their hostel service was magnificent. I love the study environment – class schedule and teaching style. All in all Avenir Solutions was a perfect answer to my needs. “

Anish Jacob: 02/10/20

“Avenir Solutions was a great experience for me. The lectures were awesome. The IT resources from Avenir Solutions were tremendous- class recording, out of class one-to-one sessions with the instructor, and 7000 NCLEX questions were more than enough to pass NCLEX in first attempt after coming to Avenir Solutions.”

Lisa Alcadron: 01/16/20

“I am a late boomer when it comes to NCLEX. But Johncy took his time to explain concepts in ways that no one else has ever. I am very blessed that I came to Avenir Solutions. I will recommend anyone who is interested to pass NCLEX. Seriously-this program is the best NCLEX prep money can buy. “

Nisha Gilish: 12/20/20

“Avenir Solutions NCLEX prep is the premium brand of NCLEX prep. The program is well structured whether lectures, recorded video, Avenir NCLEX app, testing, one-to-sessions, daily study schedule and payment plan. I love Johncy he is really caring about the success of his students. ”
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